This Christmas, Forgive Yourself

Powerful thought! I was having an everyday morning conversation with my wife at 6 AM. She told me something that got me thinking. Her trainer at the gym was telling them about Christmas. It was a yoga session. “Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ,” she started. “And so, it is a moment of happiness. So in our yoga session today, let’s visualize filling ourselves with happiness. And to do that you need to forgive yourself.”

Forgive Yourself? That got me thinking. To fill something in, you need to make room.  Our minds and bodies are always full of tension, stress, anger, resentment, and remorse. We carry this all the time inside us. So where is the space to fill in some happiness? We often think and talk of forgiving others. You would forgive your friend if he or she’d hurt you in some way. You would forgive your spouse over an argument. You would forgive your child over an act of innocence. We are always thinking and looking outwards. But have you ever considered forgiving yourself? In every situation, we all have a choice: to act or not to act in a particular way. So if you had an argument with your wife, you had a choice – to be upset about it or not. Most of us make the natural choice of getting affected first and then seek out to forgive the other.


By forgiving yourself, you get rid of all the unwanted toxins that you keep filling inside over the years. By forgiving yourself, you empty your mind and body and thus make space for happiness to fill in. The few sentences that trainer at the gym spoke was brief yet very profound.

So why wait for the New Year to ring in and make a resolution. Let’s start with Christmas, a season of happiness to take this step to forgive ourselves and let all the happiness flow in.

Live Happy! Merry Christmas!


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