How can I Live a Positive Life?

In my earlier post, I put you through a self-test to identify if you are a negative person. If you are (and you've to be honest with yourself about it), then it's time to change. No, I am not calling for a humongous shift, but rather small and incremental steps to reduce the negativity quotient... Continue Reading →

Am I a Negative Person?

Is exactly what you should be asking yourself. We often tend to form opinions about the people around us, tagging them as negative people - people who are constantly worrying, or being pessimistic. But, how often do we tend to look into ourselves to look for the signs of negativity within us? The answer is... Continue Reading →

This Christmas, Forgive Yourself

Powerful thought! I was having an everyday morning conversation with my wife at 6 AM. She told me something that got me thinking. Her trainer at the gym was telling them about Christmas. It was a yoga session. "Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ," she started. "And so, it is a moment of happiness.... Continue Reading →

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