Charmaine Martin Senior IT Analyst, India

I was in a stage of my life where I was on the lookout to seek professional help to help me crossover from my limitations that were keeping me away from what I really want to achieve. I was very self-critical and underestimating myself. And I consider myself very fortunate that I came across Sanket in my search. In our group coaching sessions, Sanket helped me identify my behavioral traits, both positive and negative, and gave me a better understanding of how to use my strengths to my advantage and how to stay away or deal with negativity with a better approach. In fact, in our very first call, I had many breakthroughs about the beliefs I held in my life. Today, I’m a person with better control of my emotions and rather than being impulsive. I feel well equipped to deal with challenges that come my way. As Sanket calls it “Unleash your human potential” the coaching sessions have helped me to think futuristic, bold and have an unquestionable belief in myself.