Neesshi Oza Co-founder & Creative Director, Decography

I was suffering from left shoulder pain, which was diagnosed due to bad posture. I had tried physiotherapy, but the pain would keep coming back. One of my friends who had earlier benefited from EFT (Tapping) suggested I should give it a try. With a lot of reservations, I decided to approach Sanket with my issue. I have done two EFT sessions with Sanket and have noticed a tremendous difference – the pain has gone down to a one now, and also reduced in frequency! In the first session, I was nervous as I didn’t know how it would turn out to be, but in the second one, I was looking forward to it! Sanket is patient, calm and willing to help. He questions you in a way that creates a shift in perspective. In my second session, I could actually feel something leaving my body and there was a great relief post that. If you are suffering from anything, just about anything, it could simply be being low on energy on a regular basis, you should try this! A lot of things have changed for me after these sessions with Sanket, not just my pain, but also my approach to family, work and in general my life! The key is to have an open mind to accept and receive.