Rashmi Prabhu Nursery Teacher, IB School

I was a homemaker, and operating from that identity for almost 20 years I felt I was never ready to step out into the corporate world. Deep inside I knew I wasn’t meant to be a homemaker, but I was having very low confidence and fear to face the workplace. I found that I would panic very quickly if things did not go as planned. When I was introduced to Sanket’s coaching, I felt coaching was only for people working in big corporates. A part of me was very sceptical about coaching, the investment of time and money, and how much would it help me. Instead of staying stuck with feelings of fear and low confidence, I decided to enrol for Sanket’s sessions. What’s the worst that could happen – is what I asked myself back then. At that time I was getting prepared to step out of my comfort zone into a profession of teaching. With Sanket’s coaching, I could instantly feel a switch in my thinking and approach to life. I began thinking more positively and take tiny steps towards my goals. Challenges did not stress me out and I was open to trying to do things in different ways. Today, I am a teacher, working with a renowned IB school, stepping into the world of possibilities. Sanket has helped me believe in myself and my strengths. I am really happy that I am progressing and enjoying my journey of growth, accomplishments, and independence.