Sanjay P. Manager – Instrumentation, Transnational Chemical Company

Before I met Sanket my daily life was chaotic, miserable, and I was always feeling low in energy, completely burned out. My life seemed to lack purpose and direction, and I always found myself at the same spot after spending all energy and effort. There was zero progress and zero motivation. I was of the opinion that I knew everything, asking for help could mean loss of face. Similar to how we try self-medication when we fall sick, I did everything possible in my own way with my own level of understanding and it never seemed to get me anywhere. Sanket exposed me to a proper way of understanding what I really want in life. He helped me take small steps towards approaching others and with this alone, I find my relationships with myself and others improving greatly. He helped me dream again, never to think small, and this has helped me set larger goals over time. Working with Sanket has given me a sense of perspective towards life and relationships. Throughout our coaching sessions, Sanket was patient in hearing me out, listening to my stories and helping me live better questions than the ones I was struggling with. He gave me simple tools to use every day to build new habits for growth.