Shyaam Subramanian Vice President, True North Co, India

I approached Sanket with my intentions to gain clarity about my career and committing to an action plan to fulfill the vision emerging from that clarity. And through our sessions what emerged was the new insights around the meaning of my goals, and the shift towards the roundness of life. To me, Sanket came across a coach who’s been there, done it. I was looking for someone who had reset their life, and both his style and the introductory sessions helped me clearly see that he had done it and would be a good thought partner for me. In my interactions with Sanket, my biggest takeaways were always small, but profound ideas and thoughts. These slipped in as conversations deepened, and sometimes made sense a few weeks down the line. Sanket elicits commitment, pushes for action, and holds the mirror. I found his approach to coaching not necessarily linear but effective and refreshing.