Vybhava Srinivasan Managing Director, Availity India

Before starting my coaching with Sanket, I probably knew what I wanted at a high level, but there were contradictions which kept coming in the way and felt I wasn’t moving forward. I tried many things waiting for the magic to happen. In the initial stages my expectations from coaching was more from a career perspective. How do I grow? How do I manage office communications? As we went along in our coaching sessions, we focused more on the personal characteristics. Although it is not what I initially expected but realized this more important as a foundation stone for success in all walks of life. I felt more conscious of myself, I was open to be more vulnerable than ever, and better understand and manage my emotions. I began to realize there is no point being diverted with many distractions that come along the way. The biggest change has been a shift from solely seeking results to focusing on harnessing the power of systems and processes, and creating a personal vision for myself. I eventually got what I came for at the very beginning of our coaching relationship and I am continuing to grow bigger and better. Sanket is an awesome coach. I came with a fixed set of beliefs and he helped me see possibilities beyond my fixed set of beliefs. He opened me up and provided me with numerous tools to help challenge my existing beliefs. His style is to guide me, think through myself and come up with my own alternatives. His rigor is admirable as he ensured I completed my commitments which would prove critical to my own success. I liked him constantly reminding me – “What got you here will not take you to the next level…” As I gather a coach is only as good as a coachee is willing to put effort, I want to ensure I am motivated to make that commitment.