Yogita Lad Software Professional, United Kingdom

I was never conscious of my growth and my future as I was the youngest sibling in the house. While I was pampered growing up, I was never given the autonomy in taking any decisions. Even my academic and career choices were made by the elders in my family. There were no expectations from me and that’s how I grew up – aimless and unfocused. Post marriage, I had a 7-year career break. When my husband persuaded me to restart my professional journey, all my previous patterns re-emerged and began their work. I was crippled by my inability to make decisions, doubting myself, and making passive and easy progress. For almost 2 years I was aimlessly trying to convince myself that I was doing something, but in reality, I was struggling and stuck. When I signed up for Sanket’s EFT and coaching sessions, it helped me clear out a lot of my mental blocks and help me start taking responsibility for my life. What was just ‘restarting my professional journey’ soon developed into a proper plan of action, setting specific milestones and outcomes along the way. Sanket’s coaching helped me not just identify my path, but also helped me answer some of my deeper whys – something that made a huge impact in my life. I never felt so happy before and now I am doing things that I am really passionate about.