About Sanket


If it has to do with saying “YES” to yourself and to the person you know YOU can BE, SANKET CAN HELP!

Sanket Pai is a certified Leap Ahead Coach, a certified Human Potential Coach, an NLP Coach Practitioner, a TEDx Speaker and the Author of The Winning You and Make It Happen! He works with introverts in their 30’s and early 40’s, both men and women, to start saying “Yes” to themselves and “No” to their relative societal truths. He strongly believes that each one of us is born for greatness and it is only a matter of awareness before we start unleashing our human potential. Being an introvert is one of his greatest gifts and he is on a mission to transform lives of 100 Million Introverts to start living a lifestyle that they wouldn’t want to escape from. He is passionate about contributing to everyone he encounters, but he chooses to coach only the committed!

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