When I met Sanket and decided to show up for his life coaching, my life simply turned around. What was just a dream for almost 11 years, suddenly started to show cues of reality. While working with Sanket and taking the right steps, I was able to break-through some of my obstacles (some of which were only in my head). Within a few weeks, I was not only able to shortlist a B-school and a course, but also push myself to complete the entire selection process and in the end get selected to the course. Sanket can and will help you change your life!


Zujar Kanchwala Team Leader, IndusInd Bank

When I first approached you with my goal of finding quality time, I thought it would take me more than four months to just set the ball rolling. But, this presumption was soon busted as I started working with you through my weekly sessions. Within a month, I have achieved this goal, and now I have the perfect balance I could strike between my family and work. And most importantly, you, as my life coach, made the process very stress-free. Thank you for your belief in me. I feel empowered. I feel incredibly motivated. Thank you very much!

Supriya Khadse Managing Principal Consultant, Oracle Financial Services Software

I had confidence issues, and feared public speaking & speaking out in class. I always wanted to be confident as a person, and also be able to effectively manage my time & be focused on my studies. Sanket encouraged me to know myself more & start loving myself. He patiently listened to me in all our sessions, and helped me find myself in a way I had never known before. Today, I am able to express myself & my thoughts much more confidently, and am able to devote time to learn new things, which are helpful to me down the line. A good mentor & coach is needed for everyone, and I would say that after my parents, it’s Sanket!

Akanksha Bokil Grade VIII Student

Before meeting Sanket, I didn’t know that his sessions would play such a huge role for me. I did 2 sessions but they were more helpful than any other measures I had previously taken regarding my challenges. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that my insomnia issues were gone within 2 days after our sessions. Sanket was patient enough to understand my problem, go to the roots, listen to whatever I had to say and then guide me through the sessions. That was the best part I guess – Listening patiently to whatever I had to say!! Sanket, you have worked wonders for me, for sure! May many more people get the benefits from your doings. Thank you for helping me!

Dr. Chinmay Kanade Pune

I was at crossroads of choosing between what I deeply want to do vs seeking validation and acceptance from others. Sanket helped me clear the fog inside my head. Issues of indecisiveness, anxiety, fear of failure and procrastination were constantly troubling me. When I started working with Sanket the root cause of all these obstacles started to surface. My awareness and choices started to improve, and I feel more confident and driven than ever. Sanket listens to you very patiently and questions you in a way that opens you up to new perspectives. He ensures that each session has a well-defined outcome and action plan. I recommend Sanket to every individual who wants to start saying “Yes to their heart” and making their lives more meaningful.

Varun Ghandge Assistant Manager, HCL Technologies 

I was suffering from left shoulder pain, which was diagnosed due to bad posture. I had tried physiotherapy, but the pain would keep coming back. One of my friends who had earlier benefited from EFT (Tapping) suggested I should give it a try. With a lot of reservations, I decided to approach Sanket with my issue. I have done two EFT sessions with Sanket and have noticed a tremendous difference – the pain has gone down to a one now, and also reduced in frequency! In the first session, I was nervous as I didn’t know how it would turn out to be, but in the second one, I was looking forward to it! Sanket is patient, calm and willing to help. He questions you in a way that creates a shift in perspective. In my second session, I could actually feel something leaving my body and there was a great relief post that. If you are suffering from anything, just about anything, it could simply be being low on energy on a regular basis, you should try this! A lot of things have changed for me after these sessions with Sanket, not just my pain, but also my approach to family, work and in general my life! The key is to have an open mind to accept and receive.


Neesshi Oza Co-founder & Creative Director, Decography

I was living with a growing sense of emotional insecurity towards my partner. These feelings would increase by the day and would stem from very minor day-to-day incidences. This insecurity made me very fearful of losing my partner. I approached Sanket for EFT sessions with this issue. With each session, I started realizing the calmness within me. The sessions turned out to be very helpful and insightful. For the first time, I felt I was no longer insecure about my partner and have been happy since then. Sanket holds no judgment, is very understanding and listens patiently to everything you have to say.

Mayuri Kulkarni Pune

I partnered with Sanket for a 3-week quick coaching interaction in the month of January and without a doubt, these 3 weeks have been one of my most productive months. The sessions were very open and it did help to talk about my strengths as well as about my fears and concerns without the fear of being judged. Sanket was a soothing listener but it was when he discussed the points, one at a time going deeper into the behavior, the layers were shed. These sessions were as satisfying as they were productive not because Sanket asked me to put more effort, but to also add a timeline and smaller milestones which you keep ticking as you go on completing them. Another thing that I guess I learned from the coaching sessions was that having a listener and a support system helps a lot. It does help when there is someone who makes you realize and stick to what you want to achieve in life, by clearly identifying distractions and making a conscious effort to remove them. Sanket comes across as a partner who is willing to guide you but at the same time, he expects no less from you, which for me was a big motivation.


Group Lead, UX Practitioner Mumbai

Before I met Sanket my daily life was chaotic, miserable, and I was always feeling low in energy, completely burned out. My life seemed to lack purpose and direction, and I always found myself at the same spot after spending all energy and effort. There was zero progress and zero motivation. I was of the opinion that I knew everything, asking for help could mean loss of face. Similar to how we try self-medication when we fall sick, I did everything possible in my own way with my own level of understanding and it never seemed to get me anywhere. Sanket exposed me to a proper way of understanding what I really want in life. He helped me take small steps towards approaching others and with this alone, I find my relationships with myself and others improving greatly. He helped me dream again, never to think small, and this has helped me set larger goals over time. Working with Sanket has given me a sense of perspective towards life and relationships. Throughout our coaching sessions, Sanket was patient in hearing me out, listening to my stories and helping me live better questions than the ones I was struggling with. He gave me simple tools to use every day to build new habits for growth.

Sanjay P. Manager – Instrumentation, Transnational Chemical Company

I was a homemaker, and operating from that identity for almost 20 years I felt I was never ready to step out into the corporate world. Deep inside I knew I wasn’t meant to be a homemaker, but I was having very low confidence and fear to face the workplace. I found that I would panic very quickly if things did not go as planned. When I was introduced to Sanket’s coaching, I felt coaching was only for people working in big corporates. A part of me was very sceptical about coaching, the investment of time and money, and how much would it help me. Instead of staying stuck with feelings of fear and low confidence, I decided to enrol for Sanket’s sessions. What’s the worst that could happen – is what I asked myself back then. At that time I was getting prepared to step out of my comfort zone into a profession of teaching. With Sanket’s coaching, I could instantly feel a switch in my thinking and approach to life. I began thinking more positively and take tiny steps towards my goals. Challenges did not stress me out and I was open to trying to do things in different ways. Today, I am a teacher, working with a renowned IB school, stepping into the world of possibilities. Sanket has helped me believe in myself and my strengths. I am really happy that I am progressing and enjoying my journey of growth, accomplishments, and independence.

Rashmi Prabhu Nursery Teacher, IB School

I was never conscious of my growth and my future as I was the youngest sibling in the house. While I was pampered growing up, I was never given the autonomy in taking any decisions. Even my academic and career choices were made by the elders in my family. There were no expectations from me and that’s how I grew up – aimless and unfocused. Post marriage, I had a 7-year career break. When my husband persuaded me to restart my professional journey, all my previous patterns re-emerged and began their work. I was crippled by my inability to make decisions, doubting myself, and making passive and easy progress. For almost 2 years I was aimlessly trying to convince myself that I was doing something, but in reality, I was struggling and stuck. When I signed up for Sanket’s EFT and coaching sessions, it helped me clear out a lot of my mental blocks and help me start taking responsibility for my life. What was just ‘restarting my professional journey’ soon developed into a proper plan of action, setting specific milestones and outcomes along the way. Sanket’s coaching helped me not just identify my path, but also helped me answer some of my deeper whys – something that made a huge impact in my life. I never felt so happy before and now I am doing things that I am really passionate about.

Yogita Lad Software Professional, United Kingdom

Before starting my coaching with Sanket, I probably knew what I wanted at a high level, but there were contradictions which kept coming in the way and felt I wasn’t moving forward. I tried many things waiting for the magic to happen. In the initial stages my expectations from coaching was more from a career perspective. How do I grow? How do I manage office communications? As we went along in our coaching sessions, we focused more on the personal characteristics. Although it is not what I initially expected but realized this more important as a foundation stone for success in all walks of life. I felt more conscious of myself, I was open to be more vulnerable than ever, and better understand and manage my emotions. I began to realize there is no point being diverted with many distractions that come along the way. The biggest change has been a shift from solely seeking results to focusing on harnessing the power of systems and processes, and creating a personal vision for myself. I eventually got what I came for at the very beginning of our coaching relationship and I am continuing to grow bigger and better. Sanket is an awesome coach. I came with a fixed set of beliefs and he helped me see possibilities beyond my fixed set of beliefs. He opened me up and provided me with numerous tools to help challenge my existing beliefs. His style is to guide me, think through myself and come up with my own alternatives. His rigor is admirable as he ensured I completed my commitments which would prove critical to my own success. I liked him constantly reminding me – “What got you here will not take you to the next level…” As I gather a coach is only as good as a coachee is willing to put effort, I want to ensure I am motivated to make that commitment.

Vybhava Srinivasan Managing Director, Availity India

I approached Sanket with my intentions to gain clarity about my career and committing to an action plan to fulfill the vision emerging from that clarity. And through our sessions what emerged was the new insights around the meaning of my goals, and the shift towards the roundness of life. To me, Sanket came across a coach who’s been there, done it. I was looking for someone who had reset their life, and both his style and the introductory sessions helped me clearly see that he had done it and would be a good thought partner for me. In my interactions with Sanket, my biggest takeaways were always small, but profound ideas and thoughts. These slipped in as conversations deepened, and sometimes made sense a few weeks down the line. Sanket elicits commitment, pushes for action, and holds the mirror. I found his approach to coaching not necessarily linear but effective and refreshing.

Shyaam Subramanian Vice President, True North Co, India

I was filled with self-doubt, worry, uncertainty and could never think beyond quick gratification. I had read many self-help books related to motivation, procrastination, etc. but still couldn’t believe in myself. Even setting mini goals was tough to do. Just thinking about myself and my life was dreading. When I heard about Sanket’s group coaching program from a friend, I immediately said Yes! I knew I had to understand myself to change for the better. Sanket is a coach who genuinely cares for his clients beyond the weekly sessions. His sessions are very interesting and engaging. He has a strong drive to positively influence the lives of his clients. Now, I am aware about myself in a way I have never felt before, and have gained insights and practical tips on how to think from the space of abundance, be emotionally aware, and on creating vision for myself.

Mamatha PB Senior Member – Edu & Training, Infosys Limited, India

I was in a stage of my life where I was on the lookout to seek professional help to help me crossover from my limitations that were keeping me away from what I really want to achieve. I was very self-critical and underestimating myself. And I consider myself very fortunate that I came across Sanket in my search. In our group coaching sessions, Sanket helped me identify my behavioral traits, both positive and negative, and gave me a better understanding of how to use my strengths to my advantage and how to stay away or deal with negativity with a better approach. In fact, in our very first call, I had many breakthroughs about the beliefs I held in my life. Today, I’m a person with better control of my emotions and rather than being impulsive. I feel well equipped to deal with challenges that come my way. As Sanket calls it “Unleash your human potential” the coaching sessions have helped me to think futuristic, bold and have an unquestionable belief in myself.

Charmaine Martin Senior IT Analyst, India

In hindsight, I was too focused on what I don’t want and being irritated despite the zeal and vigor to succeed. My thoughts originated from a place of lack and I was just trying to fix the lacks to reach abundance. I approached Sanket with an intention of making my 30s ‘Super 30s’ as I called it. He was recommended to me by a friend. However, not being familiar with his work, there was a moment of hesitancy and skepticism. Before Sanket, I underwent several personal development programs around life vision, health, mindfulness, and business. While I did gain important insights from these programs, there was a strong urge to work with a personal coach to help me structure my way forward. A two-hour session over a video call although seems quite less time together, and yet it has over the last 6 sessions brought significant changes to my way of being. Making the shift of words and thought patterns have been the key to every major transformation I have experienced.

I feel fortunate to have a coach in Sanket who can look straight through me as I speak, making his notes, and picking up my words and thought processes in a jiffy. At first, I felt very hard done by and being misunderstood. In hindsight, I can totally see how he was correct about the observations he made. The actionable were rather small as he focussed on subtle shifts in perceptions and thought patterns. At first, I felt that this was perhaps too little time to transform as I sometimes could not even fit all learnings into action. Yet over just 6 sessions, I have gained massively by making some critical changes to my thought process. I am currently enjoying my focus and vibrations. Sanket’s coaching has helped me lay the foundation to correct thought processes and to patiently move ahead. Sanket has helped me establish new beliefs around time, priorities, and to see myself from the lens of enormous capabilities. I now feel a strong foundation laid down to progress even further over my 30s to achieve my ‘Super 30s’ way beyond my dreams.

Rachit Manchanda Business Owner, BRM Chemicals