About Sanket


Human Potential Coach + Author – The Winning You | Humanitarian | Dad | Foodie | Globetrotter | Design Thinker

Sanket is a Human Potential Coach who works with positive middle age people, both men and women, who believe that they can design their future and want to seek an aspect of their life from a different perspective so that they can experience a different result. These are the people who want to live their dreams and their purpose – be it around a certain lifestyle, wellness, or in general, life fulfillment. He supports these people set big, lofty, audacious goals and push beyond the boundaries of their comfort zones. Sanket is passionate about contributing to everyone he encounters, but he chooses to only coach the committed – the people who not just dream but also dare their dreams. To try him out and get a feel for his coaching enroll for a complimentary strategy session.

Sanket is a contributor to several online communities where he writes about the human side of business, excellence at work, personal transformation, and life reflections. His inner calling is to help people focus and excel in their personal and professional lives and become extraordinary individuals. He strongly believes that every person is born to do great things and he wants to help people discover this innate greatness that is within them. His book The Winning You is his contribution to anybody who is on the road to ultimate mastery. As he often quips, “Focus is a skill that can be learned. Without a laser-like focus, all your other skills are futile.”

Sanket’s education includes a Management degree in Business Design (Design Thinking), a certification in Innovation Design, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Having worked in the field of IT for almost close to two decades and in three countries, Sanket realized that IT wasn’t his calling at all. But, all this while, he was constantly searching inside himself. Was this something he was passionate about? Was this something for which retirement was never an option? Was this something doing which he could make himself matter – not just to himself, but to his family and to a larger cause? Not really, but no answers yet, so he pursued. He was like a frog in the pond (pond being the IT field) switching from one domain into another, one service company to another, one country to another, one role to another trying to find his sweet spot – all within the realm of IT. All this while the only thing he kept asking himself was “Why? Why do I do what I do?” and “What do I need to do in order to alter my beliefs and doings so as to experience a newer and fulfilled me?” Despite of having a great job and steady career growth, he really didn’t feel fulfilled. And, one fine day, he finally found the answer within. He realized that deep within himself was a person who wants to help human beings wake up to their deepest desires and live better lives. That’s when he decided to branch out and become a coach to help other positive individuals overcome challenges, find purpose and create the life they want. His only requirement from people whom he chooses to work with is a 100% commitment to take action, take responsibility of their life, and to begin to do something that is different from what they have been doing. Naturally, he only chooses to work with people who are willing, able, and ready to move forward.

Sanket lives in Mumbai and Pune with his wife, Kavita, and daughter, Aahana. He can be contacted via email at sanket.pai@gmail.com.

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