Leap Ahead Coaching

We all grow up in an ecosystem where our shared societal beliefs and norms prevail. We end up setting goals under this belief system, which is both subjective and relative. We are made to believe that these goals are in essence the way of life and a sure shot way to success and happiness. And, this “elusive” happiness is supposedly planned for post-retirement. Till then it is a rat-race, where we spend most of life in autopilot doing something we aren’t completely sure about, yet are made to believe that this is what we are meant to be doing. We are made to believe that we live in a world of scarcity – where everything from water to food to money to friends to happiness to success is scarce and not meant for everybody. Remember the quote, “Life’s a bitch and then you die!” That’s essentially how we have all grown up in believing how our life is. Other people’s opinions and needs are more important than ours.

We have all grown up into believing that we have to fit-in!

Our typical goals then include: getting good grades in school, getting into a good college and university, getting a professional degree, getting a job in a well-known organization, getting a handsome salary, getting married, having kids, saving money, repeating the cycle for our kids, retirement, and then enjoy life. It seems like a factory assembly line where robots are manufactured, isn’t it? My question is, Is this how we should be living our lives? In all of the goals mentioned above, which ones are essentially the ones that you truly want to achieve for yourself and not because your society forces you into? Okay, what are the chances of this happening – In a family of engineers, a son growing up to be a drummer in a rock band? Or, in a very conservative middle-class family, a daughter walking the ramp dreaming to become the next Miss World? Or, a CA, quitting his job to pursue his passion in travel? Yes, these stories do exist and they are real. But, they form only 20% of our species. The remaining 80% are tied to their subjective realities and other social constructs, all imposing a very narrow and middle-of-the-road view of how we should be living our lives!

We all have two lives, and the second one begins when we realize that we only have one.

~ Confucius

Yes, we have only one life and we were created as unique beings, each one of us. Yet, we choose to live like a herd, in doing things that this framed reality imposes on us. And in doing so, we defeat the very purpose of our existence. When we say “Yes” to our subjective realities, we end up feeling burnt out, resentful, irritated or even angry. We are no longer in harmony with our environment and happiness and fulfillment suddenly seems an elusive target.

On the other hand, when we drop all the masks that are given to us, we end up saying “Yes” to ourselves and the person we know we can be! As we start listening more to our feelings, we realize that we have abandoned ourselves by letting others violate our boundaries. After all, why should we say “Yes” to anything else, when we know deep inside that we are simply meant for an expression of ourselves? When we start saying “No” to all of these relative truths, we end up saying “Yes” to all of the real goals that we truly and deeply want to experience in our lives.

Leap Ahead Coaching is all about leaping ahead and start saying “Yes” to yourself! Leap Ahead Coaching is about saying “No” to all of our shared societal realities. Leap Ahead Coaching is all about creating the life and the lifestyle that you dream of and wouldn’t want to escape from. Leap Ahead Coaching is all about rising above mediocrity and unleashing your greatness. Leap Ahead Coaching is about doing things you love. Leap Ahead Coaching is about high-performance. Leap Ahead Coaching is about creating exponential life growth. The KEY difference between people who achieve their vision vs people who watch others achieve their goals and dreams is ACTION. Leap Ahead Coaching is all about taking ACTION and RESPONSIBILITY for them.

As a Leap Ahead Coach, I work with people in their 30’s and early 40’s, both men and women, to start saying “Yes” to themselves and “No” to their subjective societal realities and help them in creating exponential life growth. These are the people who believe that they can design their future and want to seek an aspect of their life from a different perspective so that they can experience a different result. The people that I work with are the people who want to live their dreams, transcend beyond their limiting fears, indecisiveness and beliefs, and accomplish their goals around creating a fulfilling lifestyle. These are the people for whom there is something going on under the surface that when recognized and worked upon will make them super super successful, in their personal and professional lives. Often, these are the people who also have a strong underlying belief that there is something that’s actually holding them back from their own goals, dreams and results. As their coach, I help such people to be aware of their excuses or beliefs and sidestep them to get a perspective on what they really want and to re-imagine life the way they would want to. I support people make that forward movement with their deeper desires and to live life at their fullest potential. I help people connect with their deeper self – the innate intelligence that is already inside us, shatter limiting beliefs and principles and develop new habits to create the results they need. With every client and coaching relationship, I promise to show up fully and pledge my authenticity, commitment, respect and privacy. I work from the principle of No BSJSG, which literally means No Blame, No Shame, No Judgement, No Stigma and No Guilt!

How are my Complimentary Coaching Sessions conducted?
The complimentary leap ahead coaching sessions are typically conducted over Skype/Zoom/Phone and they are not 30-minute taster sessions. These are deep conversations that last for about 75 – 90 minutes. I believe the best way to understand coaching is to experience it first-hand. The session will only focus on something that is important to you. During our session, my goal is to provide you with some real value and to give you a better understanding of what coaching is and how it works. Remember, while I am a pro at coaching, I have never dealt with anyone exactly like you before. You and I are on a unique journey together, and I will be learning new things along the way.

If you are a person who makes the best investment possible – in YOURSELF – then I invite you to jump on a call with me today. Let’s discover together what you are truly capable of.

More on Life Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing change. It supports personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change in pursuit of set goals, dreams and desires. Coaching is a promise you make to yourself to extract the best life has to offer. Coaching has been proven to work when the client is willing to grow and when there is an obvious gap between where the client is and where he or she wants to be. A life coach is for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. Coaching (unlike consulting or therapy) is a co-creative journey and relationship, wherein the client and coach identify, collaborate and work on achieving desired personal and or professional goals. Coaching focuses largely on the present and future of what the client desires in their life. It is deeply rooted in the belief that every person is whole and complete as well as naturally creative, and resourceful when it comes to them and their life. Through coaching, you will experience breakthroughs, bust through limiting beliefs and cultivate powerful skills for every area of your life. A coaching relationship creates clarity, moves the client into action and accelerated their progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching is the single most powerful, methodical system ever devised for releasing individual human potential.

What role does a Life Coach play?
A professional coach is there to take you from where you are to where you want to be. A life coach offers support, accountability and structure as the client and the coach explore and execute client-generated strategies and solutions to make the forward movement. During and around the coaching sessions, a coach will go over and beyond not only to hold the client accountable to their goals and results but also to do whatever it takes to assist them in making their dreams become a reality.  Using weekly strategies,  reflective exercises or tools and techniques, a professional coach is able to empower the client to unlocking their potential enabling them to take their lives to the next level. At the same time, it is equally important to understand that, a coach will not be providing you with any ‘magic answers’ or ‘magic pills’ to transform you overnight nor will they be solving your ‘problems’. Your coach is not in a position to give you direct answers or to tell you what to do. The purpose of a coach is to support the client in making new decisions, creating new perspectives to their situation and about practicing new ways to respond to them. Every solution comes from you, the client and a coach will often act as a sounding board and guide you as you navigate through your own answers and solutions.

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