Am I a Negative Person?

No, you are not! That would be my answer, if you ask me. Exhibiting negativity is an attitude. So, while you may exhibit an attitude of pessimism, you are not to be labelled as a negative person. Think about it. Do you think about meeting with an accident each time you drive a car or are out on the road? Do you feel negative about brushing your teeth or taking a shower every single day or night? The right question you need to ask is “Do I tend to exhibit a predominantly negative attitude?” We often tend to form opinions about the people around us, tagging them as negative people – people who are constantly worrying, or being pessimistic. But, how often do we tend to look into ourselves to look for the signs of negativity within us? The answer is we don’t. We prefer to be on safe ground and label people around us as negative people. Because it’s always easy to see outside!

Take this test today to identify if you are a person exhibiting a negative attitude:

  1. Do you tend to worry about your present and future situations?
  2. Do you find yourself complaining a lot?
  3. Are you hesitant to move out of your comfort zone?
  4. Do you miss enjoying the little things in life?
  5. Do you gossip?
  6. Are you unenthusiastic about someone’s good news? Do you genuinely participate in their happiness, or do you tend to put up a public facade?
  7. Do you reach out to people to gain sympathy?
  8. Are you discontent with where you are in life?
  9. When something goes wrong, do you tend to blame others?
  10. Does your ego come in the way of offering an apology?
  11. Are you Mr. (or Miss) Know-It-All?
  12. Do you lie to cover yourself and your situation?

If any of your answers are “Yes”, then it is an indication that you are person who mostly exhibits a negative attitude.

Are you one of them? If you are, what are you doing to change yourself? I’d like to know. Please leave your comments below. Remember, attitude is point of view with which you choose to see your life and everything in it. Attitude is a matter of choice.


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