5 Ways to Let Go of Judgement

How many times do we rush to ‘judge’ someone? And as we are evaluating someone and labeling them, more times than we can imagine we are actually calling on the negative energy to us. Next time when you judge someone, just do a self-energy check. How do you feel? And you will know what I am talking about over here!

Judging harms us more than the person we judge. It changes our energy system and, on most occasions, it arises from a trigger point for us. So it is in our best interest to let go of judgement and strengthen the foundation of love!

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.

J. Krishnamurti

Let us transform from judgement to being neutral. Some tips and tools to get you started –

Be mindful of your thoughts

Be aware of the thoughts that you have with the knowledge that your thoughts are just thoughts and not necessarily true. When you judge someone, it is your perspective and it might not be true. So treat judgement as only thoughts and not a hard core ‘opinion’ about someone.

Do I know the entire story

Whenever you see yourself judging someone, ask yourself “Do I know the entire story to pass a judgement?” A colleague might not be working as to her capacity one day and we might just go ahead and label them ‘lazy’. However in reality, she might be mentally disturbed that day or physically ill. Before judging always ask this question to yourself.

Judgments are a form of invalidating

Yes, you read it right. Judgement is often a form of invalidating. Change it into validating statements. Instead of saying “he’s an idiot,” say, “he is saying hurtful, horrible things and he doesn’t know how to be angry in a healthy way. It is my job to keep myself safe and have boundaries for me”.

Be curious and observe

Instead of judgment, be curious and observe. Seek more information. Expand the gap between observation and conclusion. This will also help you to be in someone’s shoes and understand their whole story before passing on that judgement.

Stop benchmarking others with your scale

A lot of times, judgment occurs because we gauge others on our scale of standards. You might label someone ‘unprofessional’ because they do not live up to your standard of professionalism. You might judge someone to be messy because they do not adhere to your value of being organized. At the end of the day remember, judgement is a personal perception and not the ultimate truth. So stop gauging everyone with your lens.

As you start working towards being in a neutral space, you will realize how much life becomes open and easier. The burden of judgement is too heavy to carry over the period of time. And less baggage the better our lives are! Let it go. Fill it up with the foundation of love.

If you have some of your own tools and tips to not judge, please do share in the comments so that all of us can learn from each other. What is there in your tool box to let go of judgement?


Pradnya Vernekar is a certified holistic life coach from the University of Wellness, West Virginia. She is also a certified angel card reader, an energy healer and a spiritual teacher. Her books Love Infused Pregnancy and Coach Wisdom are Amazon bestsellers. Her mission is to equip everyone with tools and strategies to unlock their true potential and assist in healing journeys. She calls herself a ‘light worker’ brightening this world one step at a time.


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