My life is what I make it

My life is what I make it. I am in charge.
I choose to shape my experiences. I choose what they mean.
I listen to my heart and figure out what makes me alive and happy and playful.
I continue.

I determine my destination. I think 25 years into the future.
I choose to see my past as a contributor to my future.
I define my values. Then I get to live out my values every single day.
I continue.

I realize that what’s wrong is always available.
But so is what’s right. I choose to focus on what’s right.
I focus on what I can control and release the rest.
I continue.

I embrace myself. With all my doubts, fears, and shortcomings.
Embrace as a way to go deeper.
Change is automatic. Progress isn’t.
I continue.

I strive to move outside of my comfort zone. I experience the thrill of discovery.
I hold myself accountable. I take responsibility for the outcomes.
I understand that failure is only failure to learn.
I continue.

I set goals and make plans for achieving them. I move forward one step at a time.
I follow my wisdom. I seek out mentors and coaches.
I choose commitment over interest. I choose resilience over instant gratification.
I continue.

I continue investing in learning. I expand my skills.
I try new things. I keep my mind and body in peak condition.
I cultivate close relationships. I share my true feelings.
I continue.

I recognize my worth and go after what I want. I take charge of my life.
My life is what I make it. I am in charge.

Questions to Reflect Upon

  1. How do I look at my life?
  2. Why is it that I often give my power away?
  3. What is the one thing I can do to feel more empowered today?

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