Limiting Beliefs

This blog we will discuss limiting beliefs and how negativity, fear, and being dismissive can adversely affect your life and ultimately severely limit success and achievement. We’ll also discuss sources of self-sabotage. You will learn how to access your subconscious mind to discover limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are the primary obstacle to achieving our dreams. It is important you learn to recognize limiting beliefs when they show themselves so you can identify them and replace them with empowering beliefs. By definition, a belief is a firmly held viewpoint one accepts as true or real. It comes from recurring thoughts and experiences that create certain subconscious patterns.

We all have many beliefs directing our life, known as our belief system. These beliefs cause us to think, feel, and behave the way we do. You have beliefs about everything. You have beliefs about yourself, finances, relationships, etc. that are shaping your experiences in the different areas of your life. These beliefs filter your perspectives and are directing the show. They are the lens you see life through.

Internal Beliefs

One way to look at it is like software programs on a computer. We have internal beliefs (or programs) created through experience and conditioning. When triggered, these programs run on autopilot and carry with them the emotions that were embedded into the program (belief) when it was created. If our internal beliefs are full of negative emotional energy (limiting beliefs), we’ll attract like-kind experiences into our life.

It is essential to recognize that you do not view life the same as everyone else. Our reality is subjective. You perceive it through your beliefs (perspectives). You don’t necessarily get what you want in life. You get what you believe you can have and deserve. Simply put, you cannot outrun your beliefs.

The good news is, if we can identify these limiting beliefs, we can change them, and if we change them to empowering beliefs, our life naturally and effortlessly changes. We can reprogram the unsupportive programs. Albert Einstein said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot change without changing our thinking.”

We know that thoughts are energy vibrations. They are detectable through scientific experimentation and measuring equipment. Can you think of any sound reason for you to hold on to any limiting beliefs about your capabilities or anything else?

Actions follow Beliefs

Why would a belief hold you back? The most obvious reason is that actions tend to follow beliefs. So for example, if you believe that it is challenging to generate the level of income required to live the lifestyle you desire, and the process is full of unpleasant circumstances, then you naturally will not feel very motivated or inspired to take action in that direction because you perceive it will be too difficult and challenging. A negative belief about any area of your life lowers your emotional vibration, and keeps you stuck where you’re at in life.

Another reason is emotion. We are emotionally driven beings. How we feel emotionally about things largely determines what we do. Positive emotions motivate and inspire us. Negative emotions can cripple us mentally and cause us to recoil.

Each emotion you express has a frequency, a specific vibrational quality. Higher quality emotions have higher frequencies, and lower quality emotions have lower frequencies. This vibrational scale, so to speak, has been referred to as your Emotional Guidance System. This system communicates your alignment mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Awareness of your emotions will help you discover your limiting beliefs and also help you to target the empowering emotions you can choose to feel that move you in the right direction.

Blocked Inspiration

Do you ever feel unclear or fuzzy about your life and your future? How can you expect clarity and the intentions of your life to manifest if you don’t even know what they are? Clients frequently come to us who are not sure of what they want. They are so bottled up with resistance to life, limiting beliefs, and repressed emotions that they have not created the space to receive and recognize inspiration from the Universe. The goal is to create a space and tune into inspiration and identify the opportunities unfolding before you.

Develop the habit of allowing inspiration to direct your life. The reality is, as long as you don’t block them, inspiration and opportunities are always flowing towards you. When you are clear, you can see them, and you’re more likely to have the courage to act on them quickly. If you are blocked, however, your focus will be elsewhere, and the opportunities might as well not exist. You will not be able to see them. No matter what stage of life you’re in, or if you’re not sure of your direction, receiving and recognizing inspiration when it shows up is key to moving forward towards your desires in all areas of life.

If you are still resisting negative emotions from the past, the resistance will block inspiration. Ideas may pass you by without you ever being aware of what you’re missing. As we become keenly aware of our persistent emotional state we need to pinpoint the belief programs that block us with negativity.

You may be experiencing some trying times in your life. No matter the problem or multitude of problems, the clearing techniques you’ll learn and apply can be significant steps towards transformation.


Have you ever known a friend or relative that wants help with their life, but seems to have a closed mind toward every possible solution? Many of us have had conversations like this. Often our friends are brilliant at dismissing every book, concept, self-help method, or healing approach presented. They aren’t directly negative or purposely critical, and they may sincerely want something that can work in their life, yet they unconsciously dismiss everything that comes their way.

When we dismiss people and ideas prematurely, we may be keeping ourselves from a break- through and fantastic opportunity. By rejecting what could empower us, we may be denying essential aspects of our growth and potential.

It doesn’t matter if the book you read is loved by anyone else. It doesn’t matter if the mentor you admire is revered by anyone else. It doesn’t matter if the healing method that worked for you doesn’t work for everyone. What matters is you-your happiness, your health, your healing, and your well-being. Remember, no single method works for everyone; no mentor or coach is right for everyone, and no book is going to inspire everyone. It all comes from within you. You are the first and final authority in your life!

Rather than dismissing possibilities so that you can be right, consider what you can accept so that you can grow. Which would be more relevant to you? Dismissing is a way of deflecting ideas that could help you. It’s often a self-defense mechanism (Ego). If you dismiss a book, an idea, or a method offered to you because you judge the proverbial book by its cover, you may get to be right this time, but you may also miss something life-changing and get to stay right where you are!

Digest New Knowledge

Accomplished people typically are hungry for new knowledge and are open to trying new ideas and strategies that can enhance their lives, making them more joyful, purposeful, and fulfilled. Many of them have spent thousands of dollars on personal growth and self-study over the years and have never regretted any of it.

Develop an intentional learning plan. Identify your limiting beliefs first. Create a strategy to effectively release them, one at a time. You don’t have to get swayed by every possible personal development or self-help book or blog. The key is not to dismiss or disapprove, but to digest. Receive the information that’s being offered. Let it in. It may just be the missing piece to the puzzle you’ve been trying to solve. If you find yourself dismissing, you may very well be self-sabotaging the very things you say that you want. Stop dismissing the good things that come your way. Remember that in order to grow you must be open to possibilities.

Again, you are the final authority in your life. Tune in to yourself and do what’s right for you. As you do, be alert to those times when you may be dismissing the next real gift that comes your way.

About this post

This article has been published with inputs and views from Stephen Barrow, who is the founder and owner of Club Success, an online resource that works with people that are looking to grow and develop in any area of their life. Going by the mantra, “Taking care of your needs is not selfish, it is necessary,” Stephen realized that finding comprehensive answers for life’s major criteria were virtually impossible to find online. He created Club Success to fill that gap. Prior to Club Success, Stephen was a business owner in the real estate industry, where he learned the need to work with people – mentor and guide them – to help them set and achieve goals. Club Success is now his true purpose.


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