I let go of my inhibitions

As a child, I was full of playfulness.
Full of aliveness, innocence, and exuberance.
Always operating from a sense of curiosity.
One day I wanted to be a cricketer.
The other day an astronaut.
On the third day, a chef.
And the fourth, an army man.

Then I grew up.
Leaving behind all these aspirations.
Leaving behind all my playfulness and exuberance.
Because I was told it won’t make me successful and worthy.

I was told that the world is the way it is.
And I am just to live my life inside the world.
Not to be standing out.
Not to be rocking the boat too much.

I grew conscious of myself.
I became scared and shy.
I was too much inside my head.
And very little in my heart and hands.

Until the walls of Jericho came down.
I am willing to sit with my fears and say hello.
I am willing to embrace my imposter syndrome.
I am willing to be comfortable out in the public eye every day.
I am willing to do more experiments.

I intend to release my inhibitions into the universe.
I intend to break the very chains that hold me back from joy and success.
I intend to eliminate the harmful thoughts that make me feel unworthy.

I am not reckless. I am a rebel. I am a risk-taker.
I know I have a value that the world needs to see.
And I strive to approach my life from this stance.
And I am happy to be seen.

I let go of my inhibitions.
Take responsibility for my life.
The Earth is not flat for me to fall off the edge if I wander too far.
So f*ck y’all. Happiness is the center of my attention today.

Look Ma, no hands!
I let go of my inhibitions.
I am here to shine!

I am here to shine!

Questions to Reflect Upon

  1. How can I let go of the inhibitions that make me feel like I am drowning in fear?
  2. How can I create some distance from the chatter inside my head?
  3. What can I do to bring courage to the table today?


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