Belief Makes Me Stronger

In my current state,
I often end up second-guessing my instincts and decisions.
I question my judgment and doubt my choices.
I feel afraid to voice my opinion.
I feel stuck.

In my current state,
I constantly feel I am on a hedonic treadmill.
One moment it’s high, the next it’s low.
Causing continuous shifts in my emotional states.
I feel stuck.

In my current state,
There is an undercurrent of self-doubt and vulnerability.
Playing the role of victim searching for reasons why a situation won’t work.
Staying put in a cage of my own comfort zone.
Not roaring to go, rather being timid and coy.
I feel stuck.

But let these practices all be a thing of the past.
As I start making changes now.
Nothing will work if there is no belief.
As belief is a prerequisite for taking massive action.
A lynchpin of exceptional leadership.
To take that mighty leap.

Finding that belief in yourself might be tough.
Especially when the tides are against you.
But it is exactly the time to unlock the power of proximity.
With a knowing that we’ll figure it out.

While I start adopting new routines.
To get in touch with my personal power.
I tap into the resource of connections.
To surround me with people who inspire and support me.
People who believe in me.

I don’t have to start believing in myself just yet.
Rather have someone else who believes in me.
Someone who embraces me with all my fears and self-doubts.
Someone who cuts through my stories.
Someone who elevates me and my dreams.

A camel can’t see its hump.
The belief that I am capable, competent and enough will eventually come to me.
But till that time I got to find someone who believes in me.
Who sees the diamond in me.
And challenges me to be better.

Belief makes me stronger.
But it doesn’t have to start with me believing in myself.
All I need is to find someone who believes in me.
To fuel my self-belief, bit by bit.

Questions to Reflect Upon:

  1. What stories am I telling myself?
  2. Why am I searching for reasons it will not work for me?
  3. What new habits can I practice to start building belief?
  4. Where can I find someone who believes in me?

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