Do You “Practice” Success Daily?

Most of us want to be successful in life, but only a few seem to truly succeed. There are many reasons we may not achieve what we are capable of, but one thing that tends to separate success and failure the most is how we think about success. It inevitably leads to how we “practice” success.

Even though success may mean different things to different people, it can be generally defined or thought of as a “practice”. It is something that can be “practiced”. Just like one practicing law or medicine, truly successful people practice success. A successful attorney or doctor will treat his or her profession differently than their average peers. They do things differently, even if it’s just small, seemingly trivial things that all lawyers or doctors do. They simply practice their profession differently.

The same principle or idea can be generalized for all professions. In order to succeed in whatever we do, we must practice success. To practice success means we must think, plan, and act as required by success. It means we must acquire the habits that shape our thoughts and behaviors that are conducive to success.

“Practicing success” can also be used as a judgment call in many of our daily situations. When we say something, we can ask ourselves if that is the right thing to say if we practice success. When we engage in some activity, we check if what we do is practicing success. When we treat others, we can think about whether we’re practicing success. So on and so forth.

If we think about success as a practice and consistently commit to it on daily basis, then we are already successful.

This post originally appeared on GoalsOnTrack. It was written by its founder, Harry Che.


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