I accept and welcome change

There was a time I used to fret about change.
Being extremely afraid of the unknown.
I’d rather not hang out there,
If I could possibly avoid.

There was a time when change felt uncomfortable.
My brain registered it as a computer error.
I felt I might lose what’s associated with that change.
Seeing it as a sign of impending threat.

There was a time when I believed that change brought bad things along.
If brought about by outside forces,
I felt disempowered.
I saw my identity being threatened.

There was a time when life felt predictable.
I’d know what to expect.
At the surface, all seemed well.
Reflecting deeper, I saw glimpses of change.

Change is universal. Change is inevitable.
Change is perpetual. Change is immortal.
Change is automatic. Change is eternal.
Change is not a bug, rather a feature of life.

I accept and welcome change.
For change is part of the Universe’s plan.
I look around me and see change everywhere.
Where would I be if nothing ever changed!

I am comfortable with change.
For I know it occurs regularly throughout life.
It brings variety and new things.
Making life more exciting and fun.

Many changes bring benefits that I appreciate.
Others are upsetting, but I seek the silver lining.
Focusing on the positive aspects of change.
Welcoming all change into my life.

I accept and welcome change.
I am now comfortable with change.
All that I touch I change.
All that I change changes me.

Change is flux. Change is life.
Change is kindness. Change is gratitude.
It may not always be easy.
I accept and welcome change.

Questions to Reflect Upon:

  1. What do I fear the most about change?
  2. What can I do to make change easier for me?
  3. How can I help my kids, friends, and family learn to embrace change?

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