Rachit Manchanda Business Owner, BRM Chemicals

In hindsight, I was too focused on what I don’t want and being irritated despite the zeal and vigor to succeed. My thoughts originated from a place of lack and I was just trying to fix the lacks to reach abundance. I approached Sanket with an intention of making my 30s ‘Super 30s’ as I called it. He was recommended to me by a friend. However, not being familiar with his work, there was a moment of hesitancy and skepticism. Before Sanket, I underwent several personal development programs around life vision, health, mindfulness, and business. While I did gain important insights from these programs, there was a strong urge to work with a personal coach to help me structure my way forward. A two-hour session over a video call although seems quite less time together, and yet it has over the last 6 sessions brought significant changes to my way of being. Making the shift of words and thought patterns have been the key to every major transformation I have experienced.

I feel fortunate to have a coach in Sanket who can look straight through me as I speak, making his notes, and picking up my words and thought processes in a jiffy. At first, I felt very hard done by and being misunderstood. In hindsight, I can totally see how he was correct about the observations he made. The actionable were rather small as he focussed on subtle shifts in perceptions and thought patterns. At first, I felt that this was perhaps too little time to transform as I sometimes could not even fit all learnings into action. Yet over just 6 sessions, I have gained massively by making some critical changes to my thought process. I am currently enjoying my focus and vibrations. Sanket’s coaching has helped me lay the foundation to correct thought processes and to patiently move ahead. Sanket has helped me establish new beliefs around time, priorities, and to see myself from the lens of enormous capabilities. I now feel a strong foundation laid down to progress even further over my 30s to achieve my ‘Super 30s’ way beyond my dreams.