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The Winning You - By Sanket Pai

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The Winning you: Master Your Focus and Avoid Distractions is a quick, comprehensive guide on how to focus all your attention. Filled with to the point tips, this guide is a great way to start yourself on the path of success and discipline.


I admit that I am not much one for self-help books. I’ve always regarded them as something that regurgitates what we all already know, but just in a more sophisticated manner. And to a point, it is. We all recognize what is good for us, but we struggle to follow it because how? How do we make such a drastic change?


The Winning You starts on the most fundamental change we need to make: focus. The author makes it even easier by dividing the book into three concise parts: Part A: Sort it out; Part B: Straighten and standardize, and Part C: Sustain for Results. Each part starts with a clear goal and adds in a quote, and who doesn’t love an inspirational quote? The format is clear, to the point and easy to read, allowing the reader to focus completely on the text.


Sanket’s writing is fluid and easy, leaving behind all the clutter and focusing instead on the crucial parts. He establishes a goal and builds on it instead of adding pages and pages of analogies that most readers skip over. A lot of self-help books become repetitive and a chore to read. Sanket’s easy read had me turning pages without thought to how much of the book was still left to read.


I loved that the author also added tips behind each section and cautions the reader that any change takes time. He advises to start off small and build on that goal instead of setting unrealistic goals and then losing drive when it isn’t completed. One thing Sanket recommended was kanban, an easy planner that was developed by Taiichi Ohno while working as an industrial engineer for Toyota. I’ve since started using it, and I already perceive a difference in my focus during the day.


I’ve always thought of myself as disciplined but many things Sanket was pointing out were things I was doing. It hit me like a ton of bricks, the small things I do that take so much valuable time out of my day. I could hear the Game of Thrones ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’ chant in my head. And while he does focus on work, he emphasizes that healthy time management means making time for your friends and family, but mostly for yourself.


I rate The Winning You 4 out of 4 stars. Besides being an easy read with excellent advice, The Winning You had impeccable writing and I noticed no typos. Overall, it was a short, refreshing read that helped me identify why I’m not doing the things I set out to do, and how to change that by using simple and easy steps that anyone can implement into their life.

~ JR Mercier for


The Winning You is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions. Have you read it? Would love to hear your comments below 🙂



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