A Surefire Phrase That Will Make You Feel Better

Admit it! You’ve had days where you look around and you are just ready to genuinely say “F*ck it!” Only to hold yourself back at the last minute because the word is considered to be abusive and profane in our society.

There is nothing wrong with the word F*ck. In fact Osho, an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher, called it “the most interesting word in the English language.” If you have not seen the video of him talking about the versatility of the language, check it out here. (It is a 6-minute clip. Start at around 1:20 mark if you are pressed for time.)

When used as a phrase, it has this ‘raw power’ that makes you feel good. It frees you from stress and helps you take life less seriously. Have you ever tried it? When you consciously use this phrase to release some aspect of your life that is keeping you stressed or holding you back from being your authentic self it feels liberating. John C. Parkins, the founder of F**k It Life, is also an advocate of the ‘F’ word.

While I’m not encouraging you to swear for the sake of swearing because too much of anything is just off putting. But I do want to encourage you to use the phrase when you want to give a f*ck and/or not give a f*ck about something. Because a “F*ck it” can go either way. It can mean to not give a f*ck about the trivial things in life. Or, that you do want to give a f*ck about something in your life that propels you to go after doing what matters to you and not caring about what others think.

Either ways it empowers you to utilize your energy and mind to focus on, and going after what matters. As Mark Manson, the author of the book ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’, puts across in this article, ‘Developing the ability to control and manage the f*cks you give/don’t give is the essence of your strength and integrity.’

When to Say F*ck It

  • When you are stressing over something you can’t change.
  • When you are ready to stop resisting.
  • When you know something is not worth your time or attention and it’s time to let go.
  • When you are worrying about things that are not important.
  • When you are caught up living out other people’s expectations.
  • When you feel like shaking things up and is ready to take responsibility for the consequences.
  • When you don’t care about being judged anymore.
  • When you care about doing what’s right and important to you.
  • When you are giving yourself permission to be authentic, live more boldly and go after your dreams.
  • When you want to do the work on YOUR terms as a business owner.
  • When you have people (or clients) who don’t respect you, your work or your time.
  • When you know you are ready to ‘Say Yes To Yourself!’
  • When you know your boss can wait until Monday. Hello Weekend!

While this phrase has power in it, it is a limited resource. We just can’t go around abusing it making it about everything and everyone. As Mark suggests, you must learn to only give a f*ck about what’s truly f*ckworthy. And, with that, we need to also accept those inevitable events and experiences in our lives. Go ahead and give it a try, “f*ck it!”

Please note: I am purposely disallowing comments on this article in order to keep this a safe and welcoming community. I am using my f*cks wisely 😉

This article is adapted from the website, Happy Free Lifestyle,’ where it first appeared. It is written by its Founder, Theresa Ho, who is a free-spirited, freedom lovin’, income diversifying, travel junkie sent to help apprehensive go-getters reclaim their lives and grow into their most authentic self.