Challenges of High Achievers – Challenge #8: We enjoy being in the Gray Zone all the time

The term ‘Gray Zone’ in sports refers to the term that prevents athletes from reaching their optimal potential. It’s a zone created between training & recovery periods that makes it too fast for recovery & too slow for growth. It’s like a runner who just ran a 21K & decides that they want to train for their next one within the next couple of days. It’s like a fitness enthusiast who works out 4-6 days a week believing that’s what is going to get them all the success in their health & fitness.

This is what we, as high achievers, end up doing. We make this mistake of equating being busy with being effective. While this approach may get you a tiny bit faster, but more often than not, you are likely to burn out, resulting in a decline in performance, run after run.

What we really need to do is to vary our pace & intervals in order to find our optimal growth path. Amid all this hard work, multitasking, & big visions, we need to know that we should take care of ourselves too.

This week take a moment to notice your Gray Zone & how often you find yourself in it. Then just breathe in deeply filling up your belly, chest, & all the way up to the backs of your shoulder, and let go…

Thanks for reading challenge #8 of high achievers and high performing individuals. This is a reverse list of challenges. Stay tuned for challenge #7.


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