High Achievers on the Hamster Wheel

High Achievers & High Performing Professionals often find themselves on the hamster wheel. Do you know why?

As I high achiever myself, I can often relate to the unsaid woes of other high achievers. I am naturally such a driven person that it’s often hard for me to slow down. The journey is always an uphill that I just forget to turn around & see how far I have come. Instead, I seek out more successful leaders. I relentless compare myself to others & feel less myself. I lose myself in the process trying to copy the successes of others.

As a high achiever, I obviously crave for success. But I barely allow myself a moment to celebrate what comes my way before I start judging myself or thinking about the next big thing. I am always looking to close a hypothetical ‘Future Gap.’

Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan suggests we look at ‘The Reverse Gap.’ Once in a while take a moment to pause & look back at what you have accomplished over the previous 6 months. Look for Happiness from Growth, Happiness from Experiences, Happiness from Meaning. And give yourself a pat on the back. The only person you need to compare yourself really is you from yesterday.

Once we, as high achievers, understand this, it becomes easy to get off the hamster wheel & chalk out our own paths for glory & success.

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