I delight in my creativity

Creativity always seemed difficult,
As I desired it so much.
Living the ‘I don’t have it in me’ feeling all along.
Rationalizing my every thought.

Creativity always seemed difficult,
As I felt I didn’t have that creative bone inside me.
Labeling myself as unimaginative.
Seriously underestimating my skeleton all along.

Creativity always seemed difficult,
As my brain was constantly putting out fires.
I felt creativity was genetic.
And I didn’t have those genes.

I now realize creativity isn’t packaged in chunks of time,
It is the underlying track of who you are.
Creativity isn’t a mythical creature to be tamed.
It’s a way of life that’s built over time.

I now realize creativity isn’t something you have, it’s something you do.
For it stems from curiosity and resilience.
Creativity is no different from any other habit, good or bad.
And trust me, it is not a burden.

Every thought that you create.
Every word that you speak.
Every action that you take.
Is nothing but a glimpse of your creativity.

I now delight in my creativity.
It sets my mind free.
I have fun. I laugh and smile.
Cause I feel more creative when I lighten up.

I now dream big and tall.
I search for inspiration.
I nurture my ability to imagine and innovate.
I seek to experiment with new approaches.

I now treat my life like a work of art.
I apply creativity to the everyday things I do.
I express myself through my work.
I now delight in my creativity.
I am making it my way of life.

Questions to Reflect Upon:

  • How is my relationship with creativity?
  • How would I describe the relationship between creativity and curiosity?
  • How would I describe my inner artist?
  • How can I start owning my creativity?


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