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You cannot grow when you are in fear mode. Times are uncertain and unpredictable. Anxieties are hitting the roof. Yes, we got to be informed, but with every piece of information we are currently receiving, we are just jacking up the cortisol, the stress hormone, in our bodies. And, that puts us in a fear mode.

There was a study done when things were normal. This study included getting a bunch of people to read magazines and newspapers for an hour. Remember, it was just another day for these people. After an hour the group was checked using a salivary cortisol test. What was found that their stress levels were up by 2%. This was a normal day for these people, there was nothing uncertain going around in the world.

With what’s currently going on around us, could you imagine the amount of stress we are constantly being subjected to? Social distancing will increase cases of loneliness. Food addictions and unscheduled snacking may increase, and people may put on excess weight without any motivation to exercise. You could be spending too much time at home, and that could be resulting in strenuous relationships. Financial insecurities may crop up, as we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 12 months. Worrying about the future can easily become someone’s pastime activity. Adjusting to the new work conditions and lifestyles may be demanding on your physical health. Or, you could unconsciously be falling into bad habits like watching too much Netflix or Hotstar.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, or tapping is a healing modality to move us into a state of calm and balance. With EFT, we are physically tapping on endpoints of meridians, which are the points of conductivity in our bodies and send a calming signal to that part of our brain which is responsible for creating stress, uneasiness, and fear. EFT is a simple yet powerful technique with long-lasting results. EFT has found application in many areas including physical pain relief, emotional distress, fears and phobias, addictions, traumas, limiting beliefs, stress, worry, low on motivation, and even improving personal performance.

One of my clients was under constant stress and uncertainty about her relationship and upcoming marriage. This was not only keeping her under constant stress and fear, but also affecting her relationship with her fiancé and his family. With just a couple of EFT sessions, she could move herself to a place of certainty and trust in her relationship, and now she is happily married.

Another client was struggling with an acute shoulder pain coupled with the need to manage it all at work. Being an entrepreneur she felt she had to take on everything by herself. Tapping not only reduced her shoulder pain to a point where it was almost non-existent but also was able to create a massive shift in her approach towards work. Remember, in your company, leaders have to find new ways to make their organizations work.

I am a certified EFT practitioner and would like to help you in these challenging times. If you think you could use the support, please message me here or email me at

If you are suffering from anything, just about anything, it could simply be being low on energy on a regular basis, you should try this!


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